The Essence Of Management

The Essence Of Management

Leadership and Management Development Programme.

This programme was born in 1999 when Sue Tonks wanted to design a course which gave her clients something special - RESULTS!!!

"THE ESSENCE OF MANAGEMENT" can be either an "In-House" programme specially adapted to an individual company's needs, or delegates from different companies can join together on our celebrated "Open Courses".
Based on 7 one-day sessions, one day a week, "THE ESSENCE OF MANAGEMENT" provides our clients with some magical differences:

  • Pre-course analysis - "Full Circle Feedback". This gives delegates pre-determined development areas to focus on.
  • Work-based assignments - This allows immediate application of the training back in the work environment.
  • Accountability for change - Each week delegates present the results of their assignments to other delegates, making them accountable for their activities at work.
  • Return on investment - Through our delegates' "Money-Saving, Money-Generating or Business Improvement Ideas", they save their organisations at the minimum the cost of the course, at most many thousands of pounds!!
  • Individual coaching - On each programme delegates spend exclusive time with the trainers.
  • Outdoor management event - This takes the classroom experience into outdoor activities, which help to show how management techniques apply in all life situations.
  • Post-course analysis - "Full Circle Feedback" takes place again 3 months after the programme has been completed. This gives the delegates and their managers visual evidence of progress made on the course, and allows us to discuss their progress with them.

We want our clients to know that when we train their team we will give them sustainable results.


At Synergy we are advocates of INVESTORS IN PEOPLE (IIP). When we work with companies which have achieved IIP Accreditation we are able to give them measurable results, show direct improvements in management and leadership skills, and show how the training has given direct return on their investment. This is why many of our long-standing clients continue to use us time and again.


  • the trainers' evaluation of each person - every session we check immediate understanding.
  • weekly assignments which help us evaluate how the course has been applied in the workplace.
  • the "Money-Saving, Money-Generation and Business Improvement" ideas which put a monetary value on the projects the delegates work on.
  • the pre- and post-course "Full Circle Feedback", which shows the impact of our training on the delegate and their company at our 3-month review meeting.

We invite directors and managers to join us at the final presentation session to see for themselves the progress their delegates have made. We also invite key people in the company to attend the post-course review.



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